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iStomp Lexicon Reveb demonstration


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i wsn't taht interested in reverb before. the lexicon changed my mind.


i give it 5 out of 5 honks.


also happens to be the most expensive e-pedal so far. $19.99




DECAY - Controls the length of time it takes for the reverb effect to fade out.

PRE DELAY - Sets the amount of time before the direct sound feeds the reverb. Adjustable from 0ms to 150ms.

LIVELINESS - Controls the amount of high frequency reponse in the reverb signal. Higher settings yield brighter reverb while lower settings make the reverb warmer sounding.

LEVEL - Controls the output level of the effect.






Straight from the signal processing vaults at Lexicon comes one of the most legendary reverbs ever made, the Lexicon Large Hall. DigiTech has worked in close partnership with Lexicon to release the e-pedal version of the Large Hall. This classic reverb is known for adding the spaciousness of a well-architected performance hall while maintaining the clarity of the original sound and has been used on countless recordings in many of the top music studios around the world.

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which iSTOMP e-pedal simulations are (in your opinion) the worst? Any that just plain suck?



i haven't spent much time with the ones i didn't enjoy. some i don't think i've even tried yet.


only dirt i've spent time with is the rat. the rotary was lame until i hooked it up in stereo, then it was pretty awesome. tape delay i thought was nice, but the repeats started to bother me, too crisp, and the saturation wasn't great. double shot delay has some useful features but again a little too bright for me. same with the total recall delay. continuum reverb was a real disappointment too.


i was really surpised by the grunge, totally enjoyed that one. i am embarrassed to say, but i think that is the distorted sound i have been looking for.

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