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Old poems from high school possible songs?


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Think these have any possibility of turning into a song? I just got a synth, so yeah.. I'd just like some constructive criticism.


-Your own meaning-

Running without stopping

veins bulging, popping

fear taking its path

there's no room to laugh

wondering whats ahead

wondering whats behind

the room is spinning in circles

too many voices in my mind

I'll take the distance, my heart is exploding with emotion

the tears are choking

the dark is provoking

Trying to stay calm, its all in the head

staring out the window

an image of a still world, hopeless

trapped within this small room is a mind lost

A mind thats lost and can't be found

whispering the words of a song

calling out to the lost

hear my inspiration

the heart is always true

hear me through

where is the hope you always knew?

shedding light, for this eternal fight

creating the exit to a better life.


-Our Lonely Corner-

There was a time and place

where we stood face to face

my heart wouldn't pick up the pace

it stopping beating by power of your beauty

and when the wind blew

it was like lost dreams destined to meet

who knew where this could be leading

but we stood at this corner

and it should of happened sooner

Finally the winds hushed and your hair rested on your shoulders

So I finally made up my mind and spoke

I said "So yeah its getting colder"

She said "yeah, that and my nights are getting duller and duller"

Then it came to me here comes my chance

And I responded " Let me paint your nights and days with color."

"Let me keep you warm when nights get colder"

"Let this be our own lonely corner"

Its so sad is what I'd like to say this was just my own imagination

All this was just a sad creation

And I sit on this corner and wishing it actually happened

My tears break through the fog and all I believed in was taken

She didn't answer back because she doesn't exist

And all this hopeful love was just a myth

Where could she be?

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What CM says is certainly true... but if these poems still have emotions you can tap, I don't see why they can't be fine starting places for some songs. A song isn't a poem or a short story, for that matter, but there can be a lot of overlap.


That said it can take some real wordsmithing to get free or blank verse into a song...


While highly formalized forms like sonnets can work into song nicely (though not necessarily without some reworking, if we're talking about typical pop songs), less structured works often need substantial rewriting...


I've turned a few of my poems into songs and they're often very, very different when I get done. (Since I never really aquired a taste for writing structured, rhyming poetry.)


While I was a big fan of TS Eliot when I was young, I have to say I've never read Old Possum's Book of Cats (which was the "basis" for Andrew Webber's big opus, "Cat") nor have I ever heard much of anything from that play (though I'm a big fan of old musicals... er... older musicals) so I can't weigh in on that... but when I was first playing guitar and trying to figure out how to write a song, I spent a fair bit of time putting sections of TS Eliot's Wasteland and Prufrock to my clumsy music... and it was really instructive...


Reading Eliot, I knew there was meter and internal structure of rhymes but it really gave me a sense of how rhyme links sections together -- and also how great words sound set to music... even my clumsy music.

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I once had the thought that any collection of words could be turned into a song, so I tried coming up with a melody for the Microsoft End User License Agreement that you have to agree to before installing Windows. I think I got bored after the preamble, right around the terms and conditions.


I think you'll have a much easier time with these poems. There actually does seem to be some structure to the lines and the rhyme scheme. One of the keys to a catchy song is a certain amount of repetition, which you can do by giving similar lines or sections the same melody (the verses) or by repeating an entire section (the chorus).

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