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Does anyone know good Song analysis sites?


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Hopefully this is the right place to post:


I love learning about what makes a song tick, with regards to the music theory behind it. I think it helps me understand how to recreate the type of feel that I would want in my own music (not that I have written any music..... yet).


I found this really cool site dedicated to Queen and a guy broken down a load of Queen songs and analysed what was making it tick.


This was great as I am a huge Queen fan but I would really like to find out more about other bands like Guns ;n Roses for example -


Has anyone come across sites/forums dedicated to breaking these songs down and seeing what makes them tick? I have searched but seem unable to find any.


Thanks a lot

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There's so much to get from it too. Even the first analysis, We Can Work It Out. Just reading him say...


The form is one of the small number of standard pop song models. Let's call it the "double bridge with single verse intervening." Over the long run it's one that the Beatles would use often, though I suspect the lack of an intro and inclusion of a complete ending are somewhat unusual variations on the model; at least in terms of pop music in general, if not the Beatles themselves...


That just sparks ideas in me. Great site.

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