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My latest one guys! - The Storm


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Constructive criticism? Well...


I think some of the things this particular tune is lacking is what makes it work too. It's repetitive. But that works with the hypnotic nature your arrangement and the almost raga-trance-like motifs.


The lyric's a little indecipherable. But that works for the sames reasons given above.


You've really nailed it. I guess if pressed, I might say you could work up the oh-oh section a bit more with vocal doubles, etc. But that works too in a sort of off hand, informal way.


Well done. I'd be interested to hear how you do another tune that ties into this style without becoming redundant or too repetitive.


Oh... and it does sounds a little like a Snow Patrol song. The melody's a little too close...

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Thanks so much guys!

Lee Knight: All points noted and thanks for taking the time to point them out, I actually agree on most points, will work on those!

Rsadasiv: Thanks for the feedback, which piano bits did you not like so much? (Also i'm a big death cab fan so glad it has a sense of that!)

Viktoriah: Really appreciate it, do you think a regular drum set would suit it better or a different form of rhythm? Any ideas?


Really appreciate all the ideas, advice and general comments :)

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