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June 2011 SHOWCASE Thread :: Finished work, videos, career news, BSP, gossip...


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[bsp = blatant self-promotion]


No news too trivial, no bragging right too small. Whether your latest triumph was a multi-album deal or a good night at your local open mic -- there's room to talk about it here... :)

Here's this month's Official Showcase Thread where you can post your completed projects, links to finished works (even old ones) you want your pals here in the SW forum to hear, promo videos, covers of other people's songs, or just generally shameless self-hype that you're far too professional and courteous to post in the main forum.







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This is a little wimpier than most of my stuff, and I tracked it back in my "direct input guitar" days, but I like it nonetheless.



Me too. I love the way the harmonies kind of dig in during the chorus.



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Here's a blues tune I wrote in 1990. I'm playing electric rhythm guitar (for the first time in my life!). Peter Christian played lead guitar and did the production, and the drum machine. My buddy Buddy Booker played outstanding bass.


I had a song-plugger in Nashville at the time. I sent him the song, and I got feedback from him a few months later, saying that Delbert McClinton was interested in recording it for a new album he was making in Nashville. It was in a pile of 24 songs, but it didn't make the cut.


The coolest thing, though, is that about a year later I was working at a pet store on 73rd Street, not far from The Dakota (you know, where John Lennon used to live). I brought a tape of this song and 2 others into the store, and the manager Larry was listening to it when one of our regular customers came in to buy some dog food for his bulldogs.


The customer's name? Ric Derringer. He loved the tune and asked Larry if he could take the tape home and listen to it.


Larry said yes and gave him my tape. (I wasn't at the store when this happened.)


When I got back, Larry told me the story. I was thrilled, of course, but I wasn't too happy about losing that copy of the tape, since it was the only one I had at the time. So Larry called Derringer to find out when he was going to bring it back.


His wife answered and said, "Ric's busy playing along with some tape he just picked up at your store. It's really good!"


Larry held the phone up to my ear so I could hear Ric Derringer jamming to my song.


Then Ric came on the line, and said how cool the song was, etc.


Nothing ever came of it. Derringer didn't have a record deal at the time. Then he, his wife, and bulldogs moved a few months later, and that was the end of it. But it was a cool little bend in the road.


Anyway, the odd thing is, this is a rare case where I like the tune much better than the lyric!


Midnight Blue (original lyric)


When midnight blue gets into you

it crawls around inside just like the Hong Kong flu.

With midnight blue, there

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I haven't posted any of my stuff here before. I thought I'd start with this one, which is a pretty good representation of how I typically write. It's not really a polished recording, but it's not a work in progress either, so I thought it best to present it here rather than in the main forum:




"Down Here" lyrics:


Walking down by the tracks

Shell of a mill, no smoke from the stacks

Junkies on the loading dock, burning that crack

No freight to push, still they punch the clock

Show up every day to keep on blowing their minds

Got to leave that misery behind

Do whatever it takes to keep themselves blind



And I'm pretty sure there ain't no heaven

But hell we can make right here

All we need is a little desperation

And another bleak sunrise to fear

We hang on and we hope

Waiting for a messiah to appear

But we'll be waiting 'til the sun burns out

Before a savior shows up around here


I put on my smock and my plastic name tag

I have to smile and act nice to all the old hags

While I ring up their junk and stuff it in a bag

I'm selling Chinese plastic and Indonesian shrimp

My boss is some kid, just a snot-nosed whimp

My next check is already spent

That minimum wage is putting food on the table, but larceny is paying the rent




Trying to figure out how it went so wrong

We had to drink from the trickle for way too long

We were too damn expensive, so the bosses moved on

Now we're smoking our future, trying to drink away the past

Borrowed money, borrowed time, but the credit won't last

This little boat is sinking fast

It's a pretty grim view from the bottom of the underclass




Ain't nobody gonna save us here

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Had a random need to cover the MASSIVE Bryan Adams hit Everything I Do (i do it for you) but make it fun and upbeat...well why not!!



Very cool. I wonder why Nashville, or at least Alison Krause, hasn't done this before!



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On a whim last week, I decided to enter myself in

I just got a phone call telling me I've been accepted to "compete." This will happen in late July.

There are probably going to be @ 100+ contestants, so I have no shot at winning. None. But at least I can get a song or two of mine heard.




I, and am sure many others will definately be voting for you.... assuming thats how it works

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Ohhh just been sent the trailer to a new film i have a song on

Im at 2min 04 secs on the trailer

also got the full track on the end credits of film - woooo



Fan-fricking-tastic. And well deserved.


It is so great to hear your voice at the end of the trailer.



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Thanks Lee - you lot have been a constant inspiration it times of need - and there have been many!



Can you post the link without embedding? I'm on my phone. And it doesn't view Embedded videos.

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