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Languishing in Language


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Typing this in bee's thread gave me an idea. Anything here?


(Edit: looks like Ram beat me to the punch in that thread, but whatever...)




I've got a...


Melody for the chorus

And the tempo for the verse

I'd really have something

If only for the words (If I only had the words)


But the lyrics are elusive

Never quite know what to say

How to pull it all together

In a meaningful way


Languishing in language


Is it an adjective (that) I need here

Or an adverb that is best

Does this preposition

Pass the grammar test


My mind is stuck on empty

Feeling pressed for time

Too many cliches?

Too forced a rhyme?


Languishing in language



This pretty much sums up my writing process.

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Adding to Lee.... if you could work in how you never click with the cliques, how you missed her in the mist, how you covered all the bases as the basis for your love... oh, nevermind. Bad idea.



I likes it...



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As I read and reread the lyrics, it struck me that just as they are, there's something good there and something missing. And the something missing is trumping the good, at the moment.


What's good about it is you are writing about something you know about, and the sincerity of that comes right through in the lyrics. It's a personal experience you are relating, and that has potential. IMHO, the very best songs are when the audience thinks/feels that the singer is REALLY talking about something very personal to them. Think James Taylor "Fire and Rain". (And that turns out to be more real than not...)


What's lacking is a contrast to something that is more generally relevant to people's lives.


And so what I would suggest is you think about how you could chorus it such that the whole music writing thing is brought back into something more personal, e.g, writing lyrics is like finding the words to tell someone you care about them, or the melody is like the connections you've made in your life.


Just my 2 cents.





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