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El Degas?


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Some guy is offering me a El Degas MT-6 for 80$, I check on HC and some guy have paid it 700$, anybody knows more about this brand/model?


Is it an acoustic guitar? El Degas guitars where made in Japan in the 70's and then Korea (most likely made by Samick) in the 80's-90's. If it's an acoustic the guy is selling than I would offer him $50 since it is most definately an all laminate guitar. I used see them in pawnshops here all the time. I tried an old 80's El Degas electric once and it was a piece of junk :freak:


You could probably do better for the price.



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El Degas were made in Japan knock-off [aka Lawsuit] copies of American guitars in the 70s. Some were reasonably well made, but as imitations, they generally do not hold much value...at least not compared to the originals. 

Have you tried searching eBay and Reverb.com?

Could you post a pic?

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