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Looking into a rack rig, suggestions appreciated :-)

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  • Looking into a rack rig, suggestions appreciated :-)

    Hey fellas,

    I own a peavey Transfex Pro 212s combo amp. This rig gave me every sound I can think of for cover work, perfect for any kind of music genre, however the amp is gettign old and starting to die on me. I would like to get something new to replace the guts of this amp. I intend on using the combo's box as a 2x12 cab.

    The amp was upgraded with the latest firmware and the Behringer FCB1010 midi controller I use with is was also upgraded with the Uno chip to give me full stompbox mode capability. I want to keep the FCB1010, still have the stompbox mode, and have a processor that covers a lot of tones.

    My price range is approx $400 to $500 for a new effect processor. Used and in excellent shape would be best. Was wondering what you guys could chime in about what's good and what's not.

    Couple ones I'm reading into are:

    - Rocktron Chameleon
    - Digitech GSP1101
    - Roland GP100

    Also, what about reliable power amps in a single space size?

    I'm taking into consideration a decent floor effects processor as well as an option to go with.

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    I'm taking into consideration a decent floor effects processor as well as an option to go with.

    Digitech have an equivalent of the GSP1101 in a pedal format (RP1000?) or there are a load of Line 6 and Boss options.

    Good luck!
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      been checking into the velocity 300, sounds like a winner for sure. I looked everywhere online for a 8008 for sale, nothing lately. I used to own one of them a long time ago too and loved it. Carvin has a dcm600L that seems promising too, and it's a lot cheaper than the velocity.

      I spotted a GP100 on the ebay for $99, gonna try sniping it at the last minute. I played around with one years ago at a music store and was impressed by the sounds of it.

      my goal here is to keep the whole rig down to 2U in size, 3U at the max. Solid state all the way through too, I've had it with tubes.


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        Get the GSP1101. I have been using it for months. Best live sound I have had, and I have used many tube amps and different configured rack systems. Very easy to get usable sounds out of it. Stompbox models are right on the money if you want to go for an older amp/stompie config to recreate a favorite setup in your past. I am using different MosValve power amps and genz benz Gflex 212's.


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          I've had the GSP1101 with the control board 2 for a couple years. I really like it (always kinda favored Digitech stuff anyway). It completely replaced amps for me, I run it direct to the board and to my monitor.

          What helps to set it apart from typical floor multi's is the volume and tone knobs right on the front so you can tweak it much like a real amp while you're playing the gig. Also nice to have the XLR balanced outs as well as the 1/4" TR outs.


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            Another +1 for the GSP1101. I run it with an SLA-100 and couldn't be happier. This has replaced my 5150III and rack full of other stuff (g-major, decimator, etc..). I was able to recreate my 5150III tone pretty closely with the GSP1101 being a bit more compressed sounding when I A/b'd it using the 4cm.
            I also use the fcb1010 but not uno mode. Anyways, the two play nicely together. My only complaint about the GSP is the whammy tracking really sucks (at least in beta mode, haven't tried the OEM mod yet). Cheers, Lucius
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