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Question about sub dynamics

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  • Question about sub dynamics

    Does it make much difference if you stack your subs or put them side by side?
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    If you're trying to get more output, you'll want them side by side on the floor. This allows them to couple with the floor and make better use of the boundary of the floor versus having the second sub hanging in the air. Here's a quick and dirty on boundary effect. It's a little misleading though. The second picture showing the speaker on the wall could also be the "floor" for the same effect. The first picture would be for like if the speaker was flown in the air with no boundaries around it at all.

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      The 3rd ( quarter space ) is very misleading in regards to "sub" frequencies. 80hz is about 14 feet in length. This is the frequency where most feel the bass drum lives. http://www.soundoctor.com/freq.htm
      If you place a subwoofer box about 3.5 feet from a side wall it will cause cancellation at 80hz. The 80 hz wave comes out of the speaker. Travels the 3.5 feet. Hits the wall and travels back to the speaker. The wave traveling this 7 foot distance now is 180 degrees out of phase with the next wave coming out of the box.. ( because of time required to travel this distance )
      This also causes problems "around" 80hz frequencies as well as the size of the subwoofer frequencies is very large.
      Avoid placing subs 3.5 feet from a side wall. Have them placed up against the wall or if possible 7 feet away from them.

      This is a general guideline but it does show some of the problems when placing subs. Experiment with sub placement in a room. Sometimes a location that shouldn't be right works the best.

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        Of course the cancellation is nowhere near perfect so the result may be more of a small dip or anomaly at 80Hz. Move the sub and the anomaly will move, plus there will be all kinds of other anomalies from the various boundaries in the space.
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