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  1. They made a software upgrade since I bought mine that fixed some bugs. You absolutely must get an external router and I have the apple airport I think its called and works great, without it you are throwing the dice.at every gig regarding latency. I named my network virus-one to discourage people from trying to log on. Actually I have been surprised how stable its been.over the last year and many gigs.
  2. Still have a Carvin powered mixer that works great and has been through 14 years of practices and small gigs.
  3. I have two EV ZXA1 Subs that weigh 45lbs a piece that I can one hand. I have yet to come across any of the rooms we play like of World of Beer and other bars that they wont carry well. World of Beer probably seats about 150 plus I think. On the tops I have DXR8s which make for a very compact system. If I had to haul a heavy100lb plus subs I would quit doing gigs. Was at place that had house sound and they had 4 18s and it was stupid loud. I wont go there again because I value my hearing.
  4. Used the airport express last last night at a crowded bar and no problems at all. Had some latency before even on a good night but that is all gone. XR series would be so much better if they had a plus version that had a good wifi receiver. Probably saving 30 dollars caused a lot of people to be upset with this mixer. Great digital mixer undermined by a crappy wifi.
  5. I have the airport express is it the same as the extreme?
  6. Got my airport express and got it connected. Named my new network Virusflo haha (maybe that will scare some off). I notice that the unit will look for the least crowded network but how do you pin it to the 5K network? or should I just leave it in the auto mode?
  7. Do you think they will come out with same features on a 16 or 14 channel model? I seldom need more than 12 channels and this box seems like what I'm looking for. I know they have the older models but built in 2 band wifi and HDMI interface would make my day. I was hoping the midas version of xr18 would be a serious improvement but basically its the same thing with better preamps that I'm not sure I would notice much in a live sound situation.
  8. I do carry a laptop but usually leave it in my truck with some CAT5 just in case along with my ZED10fx. So far never had to pull out the Zed and I was able to limp thru the rest of the evening with the router on the unit.
  9. I was thinking about the express but the other unit had 3 antenna and really good reviews and a little cheaper 59 dollars? Getting it through amazon prime so it will be easy to return if I need to. I do like the fact its an apple and small though.
  10. Well the XR Air series router finally got me. I had been having good luck using the one on the mixer sometimes had latency but worked pretty good. Had a gig in DC when the final four was on and I guess half the city was streaming the game and I started having all kinds of problems. luckily I had dialed in a decent mix before this all started up. Needless to say a new dual band router is on the way and I installed a wifi analyzer app on my kindle so I can monitor it at the same time if I need to. Going to stick with the IPAD because it will go 8 hours plus on a charge.
  11. Yes you can bring a laptop and just run CAT5 which is much better than going wireless if you can live with the cable. I keep a 50 ft CAT5 in my bag and bring my laptop for just in case. Mainly I use my Ipad 10" tablet and have had only had minor problems like dropping a signal once in awhile. This doesn't cause the sound to cut off just locks you in your scene until you connect again.
  12. Everything I have heard about Danley is they don't discount. Maybe some retailers do but they don't want Danley to find out.
  13. Lets see I can either carry one hand a Yamaha DBR 12 at 35 lbs or bring a truck with a lift gate and pray there are no steps with the Danley.
  14. What is really surprising is that it gets decent reviews from the users. Well I guess if you have never used anything good maybe its seems pretty good.
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