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Portable Line Array - Suggestions?

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  • Portable Line Array - Suggestions?

    Always great feedback here ...thank you ..some background info: I have a backing track band. The full band is lead guitar, percussionist, keyboards, tracks, vocals, and everything is run through the system. I also offer a duo version (tracks, keys, vocals) Current gear is JBL PRX - 2 x 612 and 2 x 715xlfl subs . I modify the system I bring depending on gig size. Been offered considerable duo work that has a very limited allowable footprint size (100 person max) and I'm looking into a Bose Type Portable Line Array system for ease of setup etc . We play dance music so punch is a must have. I have heard numerous Bose and while they fill the room I feel the L1 lacks the punch and the larger Bose is overpriced.. Suggestions??? Would I sell my JBL system to get a line array that could replace it and serve me for both the duo application and full band also? YES … I would but I would also consider having a separate system for the duo.SUGGESTIONS?? I've been reading up on systems such as LD Systems Maui 28G2 which looks interesting if I bought 2 or 1...ditto EV as well as the Turbo sound and RCF...Much appreciated

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    There are so many line array with bass bins on the market now that I can't even keep up, therefor I will not recommend a specific brand or unit [but I always have shied away from Bose PA gear].
    Every NAMM show a half dozen more appear if to say, 'why, yes we didn't think of this, but, yes, we can certainly build it'.
    For a duo, a single unit should be more than adequate, and most of these newer units are designed to be expandable for an entire band setup. What it will come down to [at least for me] are these factors [in no specific order]: Wattage, weight, coverage, sound quality, price, ease of setup/teardown.

    And may I say I have NEVER understood the need for more than one subwoofer unit. Bass is monaural, there is ZERO stereo effect. But every unit on the market has to integrate a sub under the array, even if you are using two [or more ] arrays...why?
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      Love the HK stuff. I have a Lucas Nano 300, which I use for solo acoustic in tight spaces. After I got it, they came out with a 600. Those are wattage designations by the way. Mine has been a solid performer. I only run a single, but they can be paired for stereo and controlled from one side. Coolest design I ever saw and they have the thump for dance.


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        RCF seems to be the most popular with DJs currently. I had the original Bose L1s and I'll tell you, they are pretty easy to set up once you get them in the door and out of their cases.

        But there are too many pieces to bring in and out. Bass bin, Two radiator parts and the power base. All that stuff is a hassle bringing in because of their odd shapes and ever piece is in a case. I find it much easier to bring in and setup something like what you already have as long as you have a sufficient cart.