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  1. I was looking at the Zoom R8 multitrack but they said their format is wav and not midi files
  2. Thank you - I see a few of them for sale. I looked at a manual online but I can't seem to see what type of media is used to save this to. Not sure how old a unit like this is. Can I save my files to a usb? CD? Floppy drive?
  3. I am looking for a simple non computer based multitrack midi recording device. I would like to lay down tracks of midi backing tracks that I could then take to a studio to finish by using their extensive sounds and then adding audio (vocals etc). I am not good with computer recording. Are all the digital multitrack recorders just record wav files? For example the Zoom R8 has drums and other sounds built in. That would be perfect if I could save them as midi. Any suggestions?
  4. Thanks - so I have a full PRX system (2x612's) and 2x715 xlf subs) for my full band. I have been offered considerable duo work and thought the EON One would be great for the 50-75 person rooms if that makes a difference. I'd consider buying a more expensive larger set of 2 portable line array systems if I thought they could replace my whole system... but everything I've read leads me to believe that these are not real conventional line arrays ...like the pro JBL's , QSC's etc.
  5. The JBL is completely self contained. The poles store under the cover of the subwoofer too. Some of these others - the poles store in a bag etc.
  6. SPL on Eon One is 118 db. The others are higher … 121, 123 I think. I would use this system in small venue applications...50-75 and these rooms require low volume so I don't think I'd have any trouble not being able to get the volume I need ..but it is a lower spl than the others I've looked at too
  7. I've heard the L1's many times and while they fill a room nicely I feel they lack the punch for a dance floor.The Eon One is a much better buy in my opinion as the 6 channel I mixer would allow me to leave my main mixer home. It also has much better low end than the L1. I would love to hear the Turbosound but no one locally has them. I'm also having a problem understanding the wattage ratings. The JBL is 285 watts but the turbosound, ev etc say they are 1400 watts..... As far as Harbinger posted above - I am close friends with a pro service guy and he says Stay Away
  8. I'm looking at portable line array systems. A JBL EON ONE is 285 watts, a similar EV or Turbosound is 1000 - 1400 watts. How can that be possible? I like the JBL really only because I could leave my mixer at home. I really think the applications I would use it in this would be plenty loud enough however the other units are 5x the power ...don't understand at all
  9. RCF just came out with the Evox J8 - It has the same power as the evox 8 - the major difference is its made of composite material - it is however about 1/2 the price. I have heard really good things about RCF. I looked at the JBL EON One - about same price as the J8
  10. Thanks - I looked at them online - they are on my list to go and hear
  11. Always get great suggestions here: Important Background I think most will want to ask first : Track band offering 2,3, and 4 piece options: We play dance music - not acoustic at all. Gear JBL PRX - 2x612's and 2x715XLF Subs. Getting some duo requests in rather tight spaces. Thinking about a Bose Type system but not necessarily Bose. I have heard the L1 many times and although it fills a room nicely I feel it lacks punch for dancing. Any ideas? I have seen (not heard) RCF, EV,JBL Eon One, and also LD Systems Maui28 (that looks interesting). I'm also wondering if down the road if any of these systems could replace my current JBL setup (if I bought 2) - The entire band runs through the system … no amps are used. Thanks in advance everyone - Looking forward to your input.
  12. Always great feedback here ...thank you ..some background info: I have a backing track band. The full band is lead guitar, percussionist, keyboards, tracks, vocals, and everything is run through the system. I also offer a duo version (tracks, keys, vocals) Current gear is JBL PRX - 2 x 612 and 2 x 715xlfl subs . I modify the system I bring depending on gig size. Been offered considerable duo work that has a very limited allowable footprint size (100 person max) and I'm looking into a Bose Type Portable Line Array system for ease of setup etc . We play dance music so punch is a must have. I have heard numerous Bose and while they fill the room I feel the L1 lacks the punch and the larger Bose is overpriced.. Suggestions??? Would I sell my JBL system to get a line array that could replace it and serve me for both the duo application and full band also? YES … I would but I would also consider having a separate system for the duo.SUGGESTIONS?? I've been reading up on systems such as LD Systems Maui 28G2 which looks interesting if I bought 2 or 1...ditto EV as well as the Turbo sound and RCF...Much appreciated
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