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Apple to kill hacked iPhones

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  • Apple to kill hacked iPhones


    i dont buy their bull**************** that the update is not intentional disabling of hacked phones... its direct retaliation.

    course, the next update doesnt even sound worth it anyway... like most apple updates of late.

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    I hear ya, it ain't the first time they've done the update-to-protect their vertical

    remember when real opened fairplay and Apple first started making DMCA nose then said, in effect, 'well we'll just star rolling the DRMduring updates to play one-step ahead'

    Apple can get pretty agro about update/running retro-versions -- back when itunes (right around 6) was having connection problems wih iPods on some Windows systems, Apple was bearing down on folks with retro-copies of older vers that would still work


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      old news. my iPhone worked fine afterwards.
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        If the contract states (like most do --- read the Windows EULA sometime) that you are NOT buying, but leasing the device or services.... you're screwed.

        Until people start paying more attention to what they're signing, they get what they deserve!
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          old news. my iPhone worked fine afterwards.

          so you are saying you voided your warranty to hack into your iPhone?


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            I'm saying this all happened a month before your post and for a very high majority it was a non event. The update did not brick my phone (dropping it a few times hasn't either).

            My "hacks" did not include unlocking the phone. They were for importing my own ringtones and other pedestrian stuff.
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              I'm saying this all happened a month before your post and for a very high majority it was a non event.

              True dat, it's kinda old news by the time it hit Craig's forum

              Im not sure what the incompatibility rate was, from what I understand was depend on what hack was used (ie not all were effected equally)
              I *believe* (needs to be verified) that there was worry that hacks to Euro networks were going to be more deeply effected


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                But in recent news, Apple just admitted that they estimate 18% of iPhones in circulation have been hacked to use on other networks.

                They also announced that they've banned cash sales, are registering credit card numbers and limiting sales to two per customer to slow the flow the flow of new phones into the (dark?) gray market and try to assure better availability for Christmas sales to legit users.

                Frankly, I don't see what the fuss is. Apple said they would do what they had to do to protect the licensing on these phones.

                Yes -- there were a number (seemingly a LOT from what I see elsewhere) of people who -- despite everything Apple was saying and doing -- convinced themselves that Apple secretly wanted them to hack the phones... but, well, those people are clearly just nuts anyhow.

                (Not saying it's nuts to hack the phone -- just nuts to think Apple wanted people to do it.)

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                  Frankly, I don't see what the fuss is.

                  I suppose a number of questions could come up, like
                  if the terms of the license are enforcible? [are we going to get into a sale v license type situation, is there some form of tying going on, etc]

                  will there be attempts to use legal mechanism like DMCA anti-circumvention? (Apple made that noise over Fairplay too)

                  stuff like that - dunno if any will, or how they will get sorted, but it could get interesting


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                    I wonder if it is more a case of ATT paying Apple a cut for every phone that joins the network. That is an expensive monthly plan and if Apple is loosing out by not getting anything from other networks they may be more likely to force iPhone users to ATT.
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                      But, gee whiz - Microsoft has been screwing over their customers via updates for years. What's so revolutionary about this?