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  1. Before you start throwing around money (gets REAL expensive to buy gear that you dont need), get a basic book and learn how it all works: http://www.amazon.com/Home-Recording-Musicians-Dummies-Strong/dp/111810689X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1414165617&sr=1-1&keywords=home+recording+for+dummies
  2. For $65 you can get it evaluated and if it's trash musically, make it into a lamp...
  3. No real differences now, Phil. Reaper is an excellent cross-platform solution (and they're even working on a Linux version, too.)
  4. Buy an interface, some monitors, download Reaper and get making music. If you're unfamiliar with the technolgy, I highly suggest you get some of the beginner books (this is not a 'computer does it all for you' hobby)
  5. I moved from Reaper on Windows to Reaper on Mac with zero problems. All sessions use standard wav files and there are no real differences between the platforms. Of course there may be commercial plugins you use that won't be available from one to the other (the settings for the Reaper built-in plugs work just fine) but anything that is written for both platforms will be fine.
  6. Dont understand your confusion. The Scarlet replaces all functions of your internal soundcard; you hook the monitors and mics up to it. Read the directions or get a basic digital recording book if this confuses you...
  7. Very nice. I'm itching for a soprano right now but just cant justify a $4500 sop. I do love my 82Z tenor tho; Yamaha does makes a great product.
  8. Open catalog; get one of everything. Seriously, you get tools/stuff to solve problems. Get to work and when you need something, get it.
  9. Yes, but I would go to 16gb of ram (best to just max it out... upgrading later will be more expensive. And don't buy ram from apple, install it yourself, it's much cheaper.) And you'll want to put 2 or 3 external 7200rpm usb3 drives on it. Best setup for any daw: Os, apps and plugins on boot drive, Sample libraries on second independent drive (if you use them), Audio projects and tracks on another independent drive.
  10. Too bad they didn't include Julie Andrews on the chart. Her range was a couple of octaves more than Axl's....
  11. Type of pipe into the computer means nothing. Everything is up to the manufacture and how they made their hardware and drivers. You cannot just say "this uses port A so it's faster".
  12. What on earth is "slew" ? I don't know, what's slew with you?
  13. Why not? You can try it out all you want and make up your own mind, sequencer choice is purely subjective as they all do the same basic functions. (by the way, you DO know that the guys behind Reaper originally wrote ACID, didn't you??)
  14. One of my buds started going bald in High School. By 22 he had the classic 'strip around the ears'. Nothing you can do about it...
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