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Best String for Seagull s6

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  • Best String for Seagull s6

    What strings are best for Seagull S6 guitar. Don't like Godin or D'adderio's

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    I use D'Addario's on my Seagull, generally. I tried some Martins, but they went completely dead in a few weeks. Sounded nice for a while, though.

    I also prefer bronze strings, the phosphor-bronze strings feel sharp and uncomfortable to me.
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      The best string I have used is the Martin custom Phos. bronze S P size 11's (purple packaging) Sound the best but am getting a lot of finger noise with them. So I am not totally happy with them.

      Has anyone tried Martin Folk silk and steel strings on this guitar?


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        I have a Seagull M6. I've used Ernie Ball Super Slinkys and regular Slinkys, light and medium (12 and 13). Seemed to work nicely. Wasn't real impressed with Elixer, although I don't remember which ones they were.
        I think the guitar came with Godin's own strings, which sounded nice and lasted a long time (due probably to the lower tension from the guitar's shorter scale, like yours). Wouldn't know where to get those strings, though.
        I picked up several sets of the Ernie Balls at a friend's recommendation, but when they run out I'll be trying everything.


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          I've had the most success with Martin SPs on both my cedar topped guitars... thats the only real advice i can give... i'm experimenting with some of the DM alchemy's and i'm actually pretty impressed with them so far, but i'll probably go right back to martins.
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            IMHO the two "best" string manufacturers (that I've tried atleast, and I've tried many) are Newtone Masterclass strings, and Pyramid strings. Both those have been above all the rest in tone, playability, and life. Im sure others will have different opinions, but if you are me, you can't go wrong with either of those brands.


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              John Pearse 80/20 or PB. I haven't really been impressed with Martin SP or Marquis because they seem to go dead in a week, but the Fingerstyle brand seems to last for a couple of weeks.
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                I tried John Pease PB's extra lights, best so far don't have the finger noise of the martin's PB's and sound great. Thanks kwakatak.


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                  Wow - old thread! Glad they're working for you.

                  Funny you should mention the Martins' "squeak" though. I'm still using Martin SP Fingerstyle lights on my Takamine, but I switched to Phosphor Bronzes. They're still squeaky but they seem to last me a little longer. The 80/20s lost their life after only 10-14 days.

                  I also bought a set of John Pearse PB lights but haven't tried them on my Tak yet. They seem to be a little stiffer than the Martins and the 80/20s have lasted me up to 3 weeks.

                  I'm also thinking of trying the new PB Elixirs just to see for myself. Don't tell JT!
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                    originally posted by Kwakatak:
                    I'm also thinking of trying the new PB Elixirs just to see for myself. Don't tell JT!


                    I think i'm gonna try some John Pearse 80/20 or PB too! I was going to ask the same question!! Thanks!
                    Sorry in advance for my "Engrish". My first language is French.



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                      I have been using GHS lights on my 12 for over 20 years. I recently put a set on my S6, and really liked the tone, not to brittle or bright even when new.


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                        i do not know but try ask sam ash