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  1. Gibson baby. What guitars will hold their value and become collectable? Carvins?
  2. The 490R and 498T combo came stock in my '04 Gibson ES-333. I never 'really' liked them and swapped them out for the Classic '57/'57t combo plus chg'd the vol pots to 500k ohms from 300k. MUCH better. Not just my opinion. My instructor raves about it now.
  3. My instructor gave out chord progressions in each string's key. Easy stuff he laid down on a CD. His method was to play the natural notes on one string at a time to the chord progression, singing out the notes as you go. The verbal cues help.
  4. Yeah, the guitar was about $650. I'm doing the SKB case, paypal charges (3%) and shipping (about $40) for $550. So...not bad.
  5. SOLD!!!!!! MIK Fender Lite Ash Strat in pristine condition. Natural wood color. New in Jan '06. Hardly played. Natural Ash body. Beautiful birdseye maple neck, soft V shape. 2 point tremolo. Seymour Duncan pickups. SKB hardshell case included. Was $750. Asking $500, shipping and paypal included. Link with specs. http://www.fender.com/products/search.php?partno=0265002506 PM me.
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