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intonation problems after putting capo on?

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  • intonation problems after putting capo on?

    So, lately I see that my acoustic guitar goes a bit off tune when I use capo. Here is what I mean - I tune by guitar (say standard tuning) and when i put a capo on 2, the open base string shows slightly sharp G note, instead of bein  exact G.


    So, each time, I put the capo on a bar, i have to re-tune slghlty so it doesn't sound off.


    I hadn't noticed the issue before and I have had the guitar for a while.


    Does anyone know what the problem is? And the solution?


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    The capo is clamping down too hard. Loosen the spring tension.
    Also: bass string.


    • panhandler
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      Thats an ago old problem with most capos. I find I can usually get by simply adjusting the low E.

      Or you can buy an elliot or paige capo for big bucks. They are suppose to not do this.

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    What capo are you using?


    I'm betting it's one that just clamps on with spring pressur. Buy a real adjustable capo... one you can turn a screw on to adjust the pressure. My preference is a Planet Waves NS or a Shubb.

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    • Howie22
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      FretFiend. wrote:

       My preference is a Planet Waves NS or a Shubb.

      Yeah, I liked those for a long time, then went with the Planet Waves NS Dual Action, which I liked better.


      A while back, at the suggestion of TAH, I switched to a Paige Clik. I like it SO much better than the others. I actually don't even use the "clik" function, but it's truly superior to anything else I've tried.

    • racoustic
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      Thanks! I didn't realize the brand of capo would cause this. Interestingly, I had been using a Shubb (love it!) until last week when my friend's dog ate the rubber on the capo (I know! lol!) so am using some cheap capo meanwhile. I guess that is causing the issue then.


      Now, I ordered a Kyser just to check it out (I loved the Shubb but people also seemed to love the Kyser to wanted to try it once). I hope Kyser doesn't cause the same problem (I see some responses that it may) so keeping my fingers crossed. 


      I really did love the Shubb and never had the tuning issue with it. Weird. Will update everyone if I continue to have the same issue after putting on the Kyser capo.


      Thanks all. Good thing, there is (most likely) nothign wrong with the guitar itself

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    The only good thing I found with Kysers is convenience.  I use a shubb.

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    • Opa John
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      acousticdepot wrote:

      The only good thing I found with Kysers is convenience.  I use a shubb.

      And that's good enough for me. I tweak the tuning after putting a capo on, anyway.....regardless of what kind of capo it is. I'm convinced they ALL change the tuning to some extent, so what's the difference between tweaking just a little bit or tweaking a little bit more. Not much in my book.

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    I want the capo to be like a perfectly fretted note - as light a touch as possible and right in the sweet spot up against the fret.