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    I have a japanese copy of the Gibson J200 acoustic guitar. It says Rider on the headstock and is a perfect copy in every way. I received this guitar over 30 years ago from a friend who owned a large guitar store in the L.A. area. It was made by the Hayashi Musical Instrument Co. Matsumoto Japan. Serial #06684 J 400 N. It plays like a dream and sounds as good as the Gibsons I have played on. I can't find any information about the guitar anywhere. I don't want to sell it but was wondering how rare it is and what it might be worth. I have reason to believe it was a prototype sent here to gauge interest and could not be sold due to lawsuits filed by Gibson. In fact, I did not pay for the guitar but received it as a trade. Can anybody help me with some info on this? I would really like to know more about my old friend of over 30 years of faithful service. Thanks.

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    Welcome to the Forum. Terry Allan Hall is the resident expert on older Pacific Rim guitars. I'm sure he'll be along soon. In the meantime, perhaps you could post a pic or two, just on principle? I know I'd be interested.
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      Thanks for the reply DeepEnd , I hope Terry Allen Hall does reply to my thread. I will post some photos on wed. On a side note,the guitar is not a laminate but made to the exact specs of the Gibson J200.


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        Rider is part of the Deviser corp. and they make electrics as well, still in business and they continue to make Rider guitars I believe...haven`t seen a recent catalog, latest I got was a couple of years ago. They make/made guitars under several names...Bacchus, Momose, Brian, Jayro, Riverhead ...among others...and Headway acoustics. You could probably find a web site for Deviser and send them a mail, they may be able to help...I contacted them many times in the past about some Bacchus guitars I own and they used to reply in English.
        I`m not Terry Allen Hall, but I hope this helps some.
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          link to some pages from old Rider catalogs...sorry for buttin` in Terry...

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            Zenbu, cool catalog link. I hit "back" and browsed through some of the other catalogs. Thanks for that link.
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              Hello there!  I just found your post about your Rider guitar.  I have one also.  I found mine at a yard sale in Cottonwood, Arizona three years ago.  It is a model R-400D with a serial number 06626.  It had a problem where the neck met the body.  It looked like the tension of the strings were pulling the neck and had seperated the top of the guitar. Oddly enough, the action was still quite good so I bought it and took it to Dan Milkowski, a well known luthier here.  After removing the back from the guitar,  he was quite taken with the design having never seen anything like it's neck block construction. He was of the opinion that the bracing configuration was more like Martin's than Gibson's, but the neck block was unique.  I installed Fishman's latest pickup in it and Dan put the guitar back together.  I share your affection for this instument.  I am a working musician and songwriter.  I've owned some very nice guitars in my 40 years of playing, but none could equal the sound this old soldier delivers.  I've often wondered how many of these guitars are out there and you are the first I've heard of.  I expect your Rider sounds like mine.  We are lucky guys! 


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