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Check out my new guitar !!!!

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  • Check out my new guitar !!!!

    I got my new Zion Bent T last week! It is awesome!!!

    Alder body with a AAAAA quilt maple top
    Transparent Royal Dark Blue Mist with natural Binding
    Matching Royal dark blue quilt headstock
    Back of body to be finished the same
    MOP truss rod cover
    Rosewood fingerboard, Abalone Dot inlays
    No pickguard, Rear-routed electronics
    All Chrome/Nickel Hardware and knobs
    Chrome Wilkinson VS-100 bridge with Trem Arm
    Chrome Sperzel locking Tuners
    5 way switch
    1 volume, 1 tone knobs
    1 volume for Piezo with push for mid boost
    Toggle for Mag/Blend/Piezo
    Chrome Schaller Strap Locks
    Using the Lindy Fralins Blues Special/UNbucker (S/S/H)
    Graph Tech Piezo Ghost system

    It is darker blue in person than the picture which is exactly what I wanted. The guys at Zion nailed the color that I was after. The quilt top is truly stunning.

    The neck is perfect for me and it plays like a dream!

    I love the Piezo sound and the blended sound. The Fralin Blues Specials are very well balanced with tons of strat spank.

    The unbucker is very cool too - very full sounding. Very different from my Duncan Custom Custom that is in my Primera. It sounds MUCH better split than the Duncans do.

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    i won't even ask how much that cost....

    Do the dots on the neck match the finish? That is really cool...

    What are the pups like?
    Originally posted by lastcall
    Listen you tree hugging hippi. Next time a real rocker tries to sell you some gear to help you shred better you had best say, "thank you sir but we're not talented enough to shred". Then as a show of respect you should ask to see his favorite Ibanez, or ask to touch his mullet for luck. Then maybe, just maybe he'll teach you some of his shredding secrets, and you'll be on your way to being real rock stars.


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      Originally posted by TheDarxide
      i won't even ask how much that cost....

      Do the dots on the neck match the finish? That is really cool...

      What are the pups like?

      Abalone dot inlays have several colors in them and they pick up the blue nicely. They look great on this guitar.

      I love Lindy Fralin Blues Specials. Very SRV'ish. Lots of spank and bark. They really need an alder body to shine (which is why I went with alder over ash). The unbucker matches up with them great.

      Here is info on them:
      Blues Specials - "This set is wound with 42 SPN and has 5% more turns than the Vintage Hot. This makes it a 5% stronger pickup. It will have 5% more mids and 5% less high end. It is ideal for a stock sound with just enough thickness for single note soloing.
      Approximate Ohm Readings:
      Neck - 6.2 K
      Reverse Middle - 6.2 K "
      Unbucker -
      "In our Unbucker, we wind the screw coil stronger than the slug coil. This makes the pickup sound a little more single coil, but the best reason to do this is for coil tapping. When tapped the stronger coil is active as opposed to half a pickup. Combining the two coils gives a total ohm reading or approximate output to compare to normal humbuckers."


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        that is a beautiful guitar. `course get ready to hear from those who think quilt should be on furniture but nevermind. If I had that I`d never want to put it down.
        it wasn`t me


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 what happened? I had 5000+ posts here.


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            Outstanding....Enjoy, Enjoy, ENJOY!!!
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              More pics!
              Look away, I'm hideous.


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                Dayum... That's a beauty, for sure. Interesting trem bridge - is that Zion's own design, or if not, whose?
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                  Very nice. The rosewood looks a bit dry though. Fess up, how much?

                  Teleken, it's a Wilkinson VS-100 fitted with Graphtech piezo saddles.
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                    zenbu and Kevman and sonrise : Thanks! I really appreciate the kind words!

                    onewhiteduck: I'm going to try to take some myself and I'll post them. The floods are too bright on the ones that the Zion factory took. The blue is much better in person.

                    Teleken: Thanks and LaXu is correct on the bridge.

                    LaXu: The fretboard is just looks light because of the lights. These guitars are expensive (as you know) and I have a lot of options added to mine, including a special neck size. The guys at Zion are great to work with and it was well worth it.


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                      that is one killer piece of art

                      I'm not too fond of the headstock though


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                        I don't toss out compliments very often, but that is one sweet guitar.

                        Congrats, and enjoy!
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                          Beautiful guitar and I've heard nothing but the best about Zion. Congratulations.
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                            sekler: Thanks!

                            Buck62: Thank you very much! I hope to enjoy it for many years.

                            Jim_Soloway: Thanks! I really appreciate that coming from you!