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Thieves stole my gear!

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  • Thieves stole my gear!

    Some **************************** decided to venture in through the window of my garage last night.

    Gone missing:

    Marshall "Anniversary Jubilee" amplifier

    Peavey TKO 65 bass combo

    Fender bass combo

    Gibson Les Paul Special, black.

    Univox "Professional" P-bass copy.

    I already flyered the neighborhood and did the police report thing. Also visited the pawn shops and dropped off flyers there.

    $250 reward for the return of the gear, another $250 for the arrest and conviction of the scumbag perpetrator.

    I don't much care for goddamn thieves. Especially those that steal guitars and amps.

    So, if anyone in your 'hood turns up with some nifty gear . . .
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    Not my country, but hope you get your gear back.

    I had my 1973 Gibson SG stolen years ago...It still hurts a bit.

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    Originally Posted by Ratae Coritanorum

    Marc man, I think you possibly rock TOO MUCH

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      Oh crap! They got your Jube?!?!
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        That sucks. Good luck on finding your gear.
        Originally Posted by adlo76

        i used think guitarmandp was a douchebag.
        now i'm certain.


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          mojo to you. death to thieves.


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            oh noooo.....
            What are you looking for?


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              Oh crap! They got your Jube?!?!

              Yeah well here's the real deal on that. I lent this buddy of mine a bit of money and he game me that as collateral. So it isn't even really mine. ****************in' great.

              Gee look at the bright side, he also gave me a Les Paul Classic, but that was in my house so I still have that. Golly.
              Good deals with: "georgestrings," "Radiohead, lol," "Dr. Scottie C," "sonaboy," "elliseye," "FckStick Jones," "Outlier," "Polk Salad." "lowbrow," "rindgecore," "rparchen," "archer28," "dangolguitartec," "Mr. Goodbomb," "pinchegordo," "xopyc," "tincob," "waveman," "blueshawk1," "JoshuaTSP," "SPONGEBOB," "clarksean," "xtchc1978," "panoramic," "jimmyjameb0," "gschmittling," "C1993," "LUVSWATCH," "Markus RN," "imarks."


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                Hope You get your gear back.
                I feel your pain...My home was burglarized June 30th. I hate thieves.
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                  Doooooood. That sucks. Good luck on getting your stuff back!!!


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                    WTF is wrong with people!!? ****************ing low-lifes need to get a job, save up some money and buy their own ****************. People who steal from others are just scum and deserve to die.

                    I hope you are able to recover your stuff. Good luck.
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                      Wow, the guy must have known his way around then? Sucks

                      Good luck!
                      -- Rainer

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                        Seems guitar smart for a run of the mill thief.

                        Sorry to hear that, man. Hope you get everything back and then some!
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                          Unfortunately it usually is someone who knows you. Sad, but true. My house was burglarized about 15 years ago. They took all my guns. Funny somehow they knew just where they each were. I had them scattered around the house. I always suspected one certain person (so called friend), but couldn't prove anything.
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                            Bummer! Keep everyone updated. You have any pics of the gear? Put them up if you do as you never know...someone might come across a pc for sale online.


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                              That's sickening. I hope you get some satisfaction.
                              NYC Americana