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When does delivery confirmation # show up in system?


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  • When does delivery confirmation # show up in system?

    I brought a small package with a pickup to be shipped and I went to a store that had a postal sub station in it. I had it shipped first class with delivery confirmation. The guy looked a little confused and he had this wand that scanned the bar code on the deliver confirmation ticket (Which I have never see done before) and it was saying invalid number. He tried this three times and then just typed in the numbers manually. The total showed as $3.04. Then he asked me if I needed anything else and then I wanted to see what Forever stamps he had. He didn't have the ones I was looking for so I was just going to pay for the package. Went he went to the register again the total was blanked out. He just saw the package price on the scale and just added the price for delivery confirmation. So I paid and got the ticket (but no receipt) and went about my business. This was at 11am today. Checking the site now there is no record of this number. I know it is Saturday, but shouldn't this at least show up in the system? If this guy turns out to be shady and just got a freebie then the guy I am sending it to is going to be royally pissed as the first pickup I sent him never arrived and was never returned to me by USPS, so it just "vanished". This will be total crap luck for 2 packages to disappear. Any thoughts on how long delivery confirmation numbers take to appear in the system?

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    Usually 24 hours or a bit less. I've heard of re-used numbers causing things to act weird until the new shipment gets into the system.
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      USPS tracking is worthless.


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        USPS tracking is worthless.

        Mine never updates till it says delivered.
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          I thought USPS Delivery Confirmation didn't show up at all until they the post person tried to make the delivery.

          That's my understanding... at least from a few years ago. It doesn't show up online until the postal carrier actually has the package/envelope and walks up towards the address.

          For the record, it IS Delivery Confirmation, not tracking. They are simply confirming it has been delivered... just like the name says.

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            I thought I have checked numbers online and it usually said when it was received by the post office, but maybe I am confusing delivery conformation numbers with Priority Tracking numbers.