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  1. I like wider necks. Were there only select 2015 models that had the wider necks? I remember when first hearing about this in a press release I was excited as I love "w i d e" necks, only to be disappointed none of the Tribute or Studio models had the wide necks or zero fret. If they Black Friday some of the 2015 with wide necks and are under $600 I might bite this time.
  2. I did actually get a new Hercules stand sent to my house. I was skeptical but next time I go there I will thank the guy. For once my paranoia was unwarranted.
  3. So I took it to Guitar Center yesterday (Monday) and they recognized it was defective but then the manager calls their vendor and said they would ship me a new one but took my old one. He was going to send me off like that without a receipt but I made sure he gave me some proof I brought in the defective one otherwise I just gave the guy a brand new stand that they will likely sell as a refurb or something. He was hemming and hawing about even giving me a receipt but I just want to cover my a$$ in case he wasn't really talking to someone on the phone from his vendor or Hercules, and if a new stand doesn't show up at my door in a few days.
  4. Doubt it was a return as it was still factory sealed. I think they just pushed out a defective product without their QC catching this. Reading reviews on this and other models with this auto grab yoke, I have read at least 2 that have had this problem right out of the box. I will take it to Guitar Center tomorrow and hope they do an even exchange.
  5. is this normal? Is it fixable? Hercules doesn't have a customer support at all and they pass the customer off to local distributors but in my case it is over a year ago but never used and the nearest place is Guitar Center but I know I did not purchase it there. Most probably Music 123 or Musician's Fiend.
  6. I just opened a new guitar stand I bought well over a year ago and the two tabs that swing open and closed on first looks they are in different directions where they should be supposed to both be pointing down with no guitar in the stand correct? Is there a way to adjust the direction of the malfunctioning tab? When putting the guitar in the malfunctioning tab does turn but not all the way.
  7. It's one of those P-90 humbuckers by Dimarzio, either a Super Distortion, Tone Zone, DLX, DLX + or Virtual P90. That adds an extra $50-$60 right there. What did you pay?
  8. Where is Doc Jeffrey? The dude with the avatar of Steve Buscemi with the bug eyes.
  9. ^ I just read you need to buy 3 compact pedals for the Ditto X2 or 3 of the mini pedals for the regular Ditto
  10. I figured I'd post here and get the info from actual people that may own these guitars. MF is next to useless in getting basic information about their own guitars they sell.
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