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NGD and NAD... CV60 and VibroChamp XD for a friend in need


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  • NGD and NAD... CV60 and VibroChamp XD for a friend in need

    I have a very close friend who's down on his luck... generally has health issues and no insurance, went back to college after all these years (he's 38) and finally got his undergrad degree and now works in a deli because he couldn't find work, his mother just passed away and they were very tight... Times are pretty rough for the guy and he's the type to just disappear from the planet and you won't hear from him for 6 months. A few of us, his friends, grew concerned of his physical state... and had a minor intervention last week. We're ensuring he gets himself checked out with a full workup and a neurological examination. He's very frail... his hands shake badly whenever he goes to do... anything. We're helping him look into state-funded assistance and seeing to it that he gets the help he needs.

    He also suffers from severe anxiety and depression. Really, his life is a mess.

    He's an excellent guitarist... and one of the most creative people I know, but he doesn't even have an amp that he can use or even a guitar in good enough shape to play. So, a few of us banded together and bought him a Classic Vibe 60s Strat and a Fender VibroChamp XD.

    Our theory is... he needs something to live for... right now, he just vegetates around his apartment and reads a lot. If we can get his creative spark going again, only good things can happen, right? He needs to get to writing music again... and he can come to my home studio and we can work on his songs together.

    Just waiting for delivery... should be Monday.

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    That's a really cool thing to do for your friend. Sometimes the smallest things can do wonders for someone struggling.
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    And I hate it when my G string goes up my ass.


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      Sweet and thoughtful!
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        Funny thing is... he's a Les Paul guy through and through. Always has been... but I've had him over a few times in my studio over the past few months, and every time I tell him to choose his axe, he picks up my CV 50s strat... and always comments on how much he likes it and how nice it plays.

        I got him the CV60s because a) it was on-sale through HelloMusic for $285 and b) I seem to recall his other guitars having the rosewood fretboards.

        Hope he likes it.


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          That's tough... hope you guys can get him the help he needs.
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              awesome thing to do!

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                If it was up to me, every one of y'all would score a "get into heaven/valhalla/nirvana* free" card for your concern and caring and generosity.

                I have a modded CV 60s that I love, but even with no mods whatsoever that is a great guitar for the price.

                Since you say that your friend is a LP type guy, I might suggest getting a $30 Deaf Eddie Fat-o-Caster or Chromacaster switch and putting it in for him. They are rotary switches that replace the top tone (the bottom tone pot becomes a master toner), they dead simple to put in (the tech that put in my Fat-O-Caster took less than 30 min) and make the Strat a much more versatile guitar, yielding a wide variety of tones that range from strat, through tele and well into humbucker territory, along with some quite interesting additional sounds (including the very popular neck+bridge and neck+middle+bridge). Best of all, the guitar retains all the stock sounds and can be put back into stock condition by simply replacing the original tone pot and rearranging three wires.

                * and yes, I do know that nirvana is a state of being not a place, so don't bring your pedantry around here.
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                  Great rig!! Great friends! The world needs more like you!
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                    Great story. Everyone could use friends like you. Hope things pick up for him.


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                      Good friends mean a lot when things are down. Hope he has better days soon.


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                        Here they are...


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                          Nice work.. let us who how he likes them?


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                            Very thoughtful! I hope he pulls outta this and I hope that helps a lot.
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                              Fine thing you all did for your friend. This shows again the quality of the people in here!