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Can Changing the Neck Change the Sound?


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  • Can Changing the Neck Change the Sound?

    Can changing from a thick maple neck/maple fretboard to a thin maple neck/rosewood fretboard alter the sound of the guitar?

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    a little bit. it will change the feel more than anything.

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      Yes. Considering string energy produces the tone and the neck and fretboard materials affect how much of that energy is absorbed or not by those materials, combined with what affect those materials might have in the timbre of the resulting tone (based on which frequencies are absorbed or passed on).

      But "how much?" is the big question. On that
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        I switch necks on my bodies all the time. While it is not as profound as the body has on the sound, you can hear it. I'll go body 80% neck 20%.
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          maybe for the better.


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            Welcome to one of the most hotly-contested argument on this forum. It's really a matter of opinion: some forumites claim to hear a difference while others think it's snake oil. Personally, I think it does make a significant difference but it's one facet of a larger whole (body, pickups, amp, etc.).
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              I fall in the yes group. Especially if they are of different thicknesses.
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                There's a few parts of the guitar you can change without there being any impact on the tone - the neck isn't one of them.


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                  The sum of all the above answers I find myself in strong agreement with, pretty substantial difference between a modern thin neck, 21mm and a full 50s neck 25.4mm
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                    I'll also say yes, but after owning over 300 electrics over the years the biggest change to MY ears was when I went from 9-46 to 10-52 strings.
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                      Quote Originally Posted by Lonnie99
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                      I'll also say yes, but after owning over 300 electrics over the years the biggest change to MY ears was when I went from 9-46 to 10-52 strings.

                      better or worse or just different?

                      In what way?

                      I ask because I am looking at 3 packs of 9s and three guitars with 10s on.
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