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Paul McCartney.Cobain??

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    I don't 'think' they're going to do a Nirvana song.

    We shall see.
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      Just more proof that Dave Grohl can play with whomever the **************** he wants


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        Right or wrong, I want to see this.


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          Does not smell like teen spirit.


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            Smells like has-been spirit.


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              It'll be great, or it'll suck. I can't wait!
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                I could see "About a Girl", since it's heavily Beatle-influenced... -Adam
                Originally Posted by nicholai

                He seems to like bacon a lot......

                Originally Posted by Luigi

                Jesus probably doesn't love everyone, especially ****************************s. He probably wants to punch them but He won't. That's what makes him Jesus.

                Originally Posted by GuitarNoobie

                ...we should be talking about the national debt, the number of incarcerated citizens in this country(the prison industrial complex), the military industrial complex, the so called war on drugs and corporations/banks that are running over people and buying our politicians...


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                  The best part is, if Qurdt were to rise from the dead and witness this, he'd immediately shoot himself again.
                  Arrangements? How about I hit on two and four, and you shut the **************** up?


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                    The larger question. Why do this at all? Cobain was/is an icon. McCartney is a living legend. He is one of about 20 people alive music who can do whatever the hell they want. PDiddy and Kanye are everywhere..THAT pisses me off.
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                    Oh, but you can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you.


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                      They're not doing a Nirvana song according to McCartney. Supposedly a new song they banged out.
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                        dunno why people get so bent about stuff like this.

                        It does not touch, increase or diminish the legacy of any of them alive or dead.

                        It's just different.

                        You may like it or not.
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                        Originally Posted by aenemated
                        doc always has been and always will be. He behaves as if he is 18 years old with worlds of wisdom

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                          Doc's right.

                          And if you ever did really want to go there, Art Alexakis is the right person(a).


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                            Hell, I think Kelly Jones from Stereophonics could sound good singing Nirvana songs,

                            Good call!
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                              OMG, heaven forbid musicians go and make music with other musicians.


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                                I actually watched the thing last night . . . I have to say that he pulled it off pretty well ! Of course, Grohl carried the tune with his drumming but Paul played a mean slide instrument of some kind & he rocked it
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