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The Appeal Of Bass?


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  • The Appeal Of Bass?

    Not to denigrate bass players / bass guitars, but as a guitarist-singer I

    I've been posting here for years, but lost everything with HC 2.0!

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    1) More reasons to justify GAS.  "I need a P-Bass for that James Jamerson/"Duck" Dunn tone, a Jazz for my Rush tribute band, a 5-string to get those low notes, a fretless to practice my Jaco . . ."

    2) A deeper understanding of the groove.

    3) More gigs.  Guitarists are a dime a dozen.  Bassists . . . not so much.

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      Bass is awesome.  A lot of ways to handle it.  I was a bass player for years before I was an electric guitarist.  I should have stuck with it actually, I think I would have had a lot more gigs.


      If you are good, imo, you know the neck inside and out, and you have your ear developed from time spent playing in bands, now I'm talking about original music and Jazz.  There is a lot of room for a guy to work a bass in those settings.  Bass can hold down the fort, and you can turn everything on it's head while the jam just runs on.  I love the bass, I should get mine out of storage.

      Besides being a guitar player,
      I'm a big fan of the guitar.
      I love that damn instrument.
      -Steve Vai


      • steve_man
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        I love playing bass.  Just love the tones, and the power of the sound. 

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      You get the most powerful amp.


      in my experience there are three kinds of bass players.

      1. Super chill guys who typically understand a tonne about music and/or play another instrument but dont have any burning ego to be in the limelight.

      2. I heard it was like guitar but easier.

      3. Lead bassist syndrome - kill on sight.



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        The appeal? It's just a tasty fish. Chilean sea bass is quite good. Aren't we a little off topic here?


        • Marko
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          Different mentality. I

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        I have played bass in bands before, and it's fun. I do enjoy guitar more, though, and a lot of it had to do with the fact that it's harder for me to play bass and sing.
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          In some genres of music the bass is really the interesting instrument. If I were playing in a lot of funk, country, or rockabilly bands I


          • Pine Apple Slim
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            Most of my bass playing, and prob 75% of my on stage experience comes from playing upright bass, usually w no drummer. Its all about the music as a whole. Theres power in driving the train, thats a lot of fun. Lately I've been fortunate to play it in a band with a good drummer, and thats been even more fun.
            Downside is
            1. Harder to sing and play bass, for me anyway.
            2. I love to play lead guitar!

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          My brother plays bass. He's always been into rhythm. Played trombone in high school.

          In most popular genres, the rhythm section has to be tight and bass is just as important as the drums. He gets that. He always says his goal is to be so deep in the pocket that he goes completely unnoticed by the listener but loud enough so they can't ignore it.

          His bands NEVER lack for bass volume but that's the cool thing about bass is that it's so dispersed it takes a lot of volume to carry it.

          We know a bunch of guitarists who are always struggling to find a gig but as a bass player, he has a dozen bands ready to pick him up on a moment's notice. Being in short supply is a nice bonus.
          We're not in Kansas anymore.


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            I've had the opportunity to pick up some really great vintage basses over the last 5-6. Scored some nice Fender P & J basses. I never really wanted to pick up the bass or mess with it at all. I started to realize that most guys go into pawnshops looking for guitars, pedals,amps, drums, and cymbals. They totally over look the basses hanging on the walls. This has given me the opportunity to score 10 basses. I now like to mess with them and play along with some cool funky,groovy songs. I've lately been listening Jamiroquai lately, and the bass players in his band are amazing. They make you want to be a bass player.




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            • Mad Tele
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              bass is great. It will free your mind from the douchebag lead guitar syndrome. Just dont grow a goatee and be THAT guy. (from the adam sandler/jenn aniston movie)