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Need help. How bad does this look?


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  • Need help. How bad does this look?

    Ive had this guitar for a few years now. Its a Yamaha TVL 503.  Im pretty sure its always had a little crack here, but I dont remember it being this big. Im not sure if its just in the finish or if it goes all the way through/how bad it is/how bad it could be. Figured Id ask here. Any advice/help? 







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    On a 1 to 10 scale, I'd give it a 5 or 5.5 leaning towards Bad.


    Looks like the joint is working loose as you play.  Perhaps the day will come when it pulls apart, perhaps not.  If if you feel, or see, it moving then take it to a tech to reglue the joint.

    That's some hi res pics, yo!


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      Yeah... definitely leaning on the bad side. I suggest holding the guitar against your body, pickups away from you, putting your finger on the crack, then pushing the headstock foreward. If you feel the crack move in even the tinyist amount, run to a good tech as soon as possible.

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    On the plus side, it will make a great travel guitar.


    You can remove the neck from the body and fold it up.

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