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So i have starteted to play out again

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  • So i have starteted to play out again

    Good times. Filled in last weekend for a cover band (hours and had a good time. The cover band i had been in was stuck in a garage and i thought i was just having fun in the garage once a week. Playing out is better.

    Also started hitting the local open local blues jam and guess what. Fun. I sat in on a home jam on

    The secret is to play with drama free folks i think. If none of the players has any interest in the bs then its fun.

    Also i gigged with a Behringer 2x10 amp. Solid state. Not even thenewer one (gx210). Really just used it to slave my xt-live into but was happy with the result.

    I like to play in front of people, and with different people. Different people. Revelation after many a year trapped in headphones playing with what happened? I had 5000+ posts here.

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    I love playing live. Love it. I dont even mind the long hours before show time; i mingle and mentally practice tricky parts. You nailed it though; drama-free is the key. Good on you for getting back to it. I'm jealous. I cant wait to back to that.
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      That's very cool! Keep it up.

      I myself haven't played out in many years, since I left my last band. I need to get out there.

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    Congrats!  Playing out is the whole point IMO!

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      Good for you man! Sounds like you had great fun and got energized by the whole thing! Doctor Joe sez git you some moah of dat!