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  • First Act CE240 Sheena

    Hi all..


    I'm new to this site but looking around here I figured someone could give me some

    info about a guitar I recently got. I'm just re learning regular guitar after playing bass

    for awhile, so having six string will be fun. Any knowledge about the Sheena will be

    greatly appreciated.  Blue flame maple with maple neck.



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    A bunch of people on this forum bought them when FA blew them out.  Nice guitars.  I've gigged mine on a regular basis.



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      Tell me about the mods to the Sheena pictured in the post above mine.  What pickups and are those blue anodized knobs?  Where does one buy metal knobs in colors other than chrome, black or fake gold?

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    I had one - loved the looks, the tones weren't bad, but I couldn't get on with the neck shape. Well worth putting new pots and a better cap in there too, because the originals really suck life out of the tone.
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      Didn't Fretsy gig with one of those at some point?
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        Anyone selling (or willing to sell) a Sheena CE240?