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  • NAD

    Hey All. It's been a while with me relocating, the issues that happened here, and assorted other BS. Since I haven't gotten anythng new in quite some time I thought I'd check back in.

    I picked up a new amp on Friday. While cruising GC's used amps online I came upon this Super Champ XD for a ridiculously low price. It came from upstate NY and I had them ship it to the GC less than a mile from my place. I can't believe how new this thing looks. Besides, it has quite the plethora of tones on board. Let the honeymoon begin.


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    New gear is always good but where is the pic?


    • xStonr
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      gardo, you're joking right?

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    Congrats on the new amp!
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    • JoeBoy
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      Buying used on GC's site has become a fun addiction for me. It pays to look around, some store's prices are way higher than others for the same rated gear. Enjoy!