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good value 12 string electric?

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  • good value 12 string electric?

    I've been listening to some "Byrds" and Petty. I've developed some gas for a 12 string electric I dont want to spend a lot since it may just be temporary indigestion. Any suggs? Could I use a pedal to get my 6 string to sound like a 12?
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    Also curious..Dean and Turser always show up but are there any others?
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    • Steadfastly
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      Well, yes, I have to mention the Dean Boca but I warn you, it does have neck dive because it's a smaller body which makes it comfortable for playing but if you want to stop the neck dive you'll need a big fat leather strap with a non-slip under side or something to weight the body near the other end of the strap to compensate.

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    If you're lucky, you can get a Cozart 12 string electric off Ebay for around $100...the body quality is really good, the neck is passible. It has decent tuners and a surprisingly well cut nut. If you just wanna 12 string on 'those occasions', it fits the bill....here's mine:



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    • onelife
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      Check out what Yamaha hs to offer


    • wanderoo222
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      Genesis3. That's a great deal. How's the neck and string spacing?

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    Dillion makes some Rickenbacker copies that I


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    The Dean Boca plays and feels a good deal better than its market price.  I've read and seen good reviews for the Eastwodd Classic Twelve, as well ...


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      You just missed a clearance sale ($569) on the Italia Rimmini 12 at Hello Music. It is the closest thing to Rickenbacker you can buy. They have mini-humbuckers and are really a nice guitar.


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        Sounds like a deal but More than I want to spend just now.
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