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Do all baritone gtrs sound muddy with distortion??


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  • Do all baritone gtrs sound muddy with distortion??

    My Eastwood Sidejack does

    It's my first baritone guitar ever, so for all I know it's just how the lower frequencies and thicker strings respond to dirty amps or pedals. It's not like I'm after a chugga chugga modern'ish brootalz or anything.

    My doom/sludge jams with my new sidejack are still fun, but I wish I had a bit more detail, not defenition, tight attack...Whatever you'd describe my normal guitar tone when I'm not playing the baritone.   

    To some extend I guess it makes sense, I should expect miracles from a super cheap instrument like the eastwood. And I know that compared to electric guitarsn bass guitars usually tend to sound flubby and loose with dirt as well...

    Still, is it worth trying different pickups in there. I don't want to spend more than GFS prices though. 

    Would mini humbuckers make sense? Nice bonus: Not much -if any- extra routing required

    I really like those in regular guitars, but I'm not sure what to expect of em in the Eastwood baritone:s

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    Not all baritones sound muddy. It might be the pickups.


    • ugameus
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      Mine does not.  I use Lollar Firebird pickups in it.  

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    It shouldn't. I'd go through the cheaper steps first, new pots and fiddling with the height of the pups. 


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      As much as I dont like active pickups, i could see them being very practical in a baritone... Full, clear sound... Try re eq'ing the amp first, as others have said... my bet is its the pickup though... 


      • BG76
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        No. I have a PRS Private Stock Baritone that is geared towards more modern sounding music. My Danelectro Baritone doesn't sound so good with a lot of juice on it.



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      i kinda like a cheapo Dano for me Bari's.  Hard to kill their vibey presence.

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