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NGD: Epiphone Stratocaster copy

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  • NGD: Epiphone Stratocaster copy

    If you'd followed my last thread, you'd know that I went to pick up a guitar that was sort of an impulse buy.

    It's an Epiphone "Epi" ES-300 Strat copy. I bought it for $20. It needs some TLC for sure. I've already cleaned most of the body, but I need to take the whammy system off and clean it. It's filthy. There's numerous other things, but all 3 of the pickups and the five-way switch works. It's made in Korea and I have a serial no. on the plate where the bolts are for the bolt-on neck. It's got a maple fretboard, which is nice. My RG270 and American Strat have maple boards, too.

    Things it needs:
    New strings (Got a set of D'Addario XL Blues/Jazz .11's to go on it.)
    New nut (It's a plastic nut. I'm open to ideas on where to get an affordable nut. Any advice is welcome.)

    I'll take pictures of my own once it's all clean, but for now, I'll leave you guys with the Craigslist ad for pics.


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    Sounds like a fun project.



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    Cool!  congratulations!

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