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    i have an ibanez jem7vwh thats 100% stock. It has dimarzio evolution humbuckers but my problem with them is they don't sound like evolutions i think. what could be wrong with the guitar?

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    Perhaps the intonation is off at the 12th fret.


    This can often be over looked, but it has an enormous impact on the guitars ability to sound "toneful."  If the intonation is off there are frequencies of sound that are clashing when they should be jiving, which if they are clashing even a bit the guitar will sound bad no matter what you do.

    So, I'd check the intonation first and make sure it is perfect at the 12th harmonic and fret.

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      Then, after setting the intonation, adjust the height of the pickups. Amazing what a few turns of a screw can accomplish.

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    OOoooorrrr.... it could be one of the million counterfeit JEMs out there.  :smiley-music017:

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