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  • Speed trainer

    This is not new but it is pretty neat.


    I've had it for a long time. Can't say I ever used it much though but it is cool and it works very well.

    If you use it I recommend limiting yourself to just one or two drills at a time and beat them to death.

    I think building speed is like weightlifting. You use a progressive approach of increasing difficulty in small amounts over a long period. Like increasing by a few beats per minute per month. It adds up over time but it takes time. You can't make big jumps or you'll burn out and fail.

    So if you can improve by say 5 bpm per month then in a year you are up 60 bpm which is a lot. And that may be too optimistic. 2-3 bpm per month and in two years you are up 60 bpm is more likely.

    But what do I know.

    Also, if anyone wants to rent my sig space below let me know.
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    I need something that does notes per day.
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      Speed. Pffft.



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        Originally posted by Jasco View Post
        Speed. Pffft.
        Say that fast 10 times...
        Speed. Pffft....Speed. Pffft....Speed. Pffft....Speed. Pffft....Speed. Pffft....Sped. Pfft...Sped. pfytt....sdpe. ptf....spejn. prtf...spzer. pdkj....
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          Ha ha