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  1. Yes, they sound really good. Keyboard player needs a few more keyboards though, ha ha. Here's some stuff I've been diggin' recently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyb_VUfYjG8&fbclid=IwAR1YO6jrjSxDYhg73ELsSXdJcPdEcOzDQqQ4XWB-MztEe973qYfZYu2fd6w
  2. My opinion is that theory is more of an analytical tool than a compositional one. Although it's really useful in arranging. From what you stated, I'd say the "play what you sing and sing what you play" method might get you closer to finding what you hear in your head than learning theory.
  3. For theory maybe take a look at this: https://www.amazon.com/Jazz-Theory-Book-Mark-Levine-ebook/dp/B004KA9UX4/
  4. I've been in quarantine since November due to reasons other than Corona virus, and yes, this time alone has let me rethink my music a lot. I'm not sure I'm seeing any results yet, in fact it almost feels like I'm backsliding, but it's been fun to not have gig and recording pressures and deadlines.
  5. And to answer the original question - I'm working on learning some Wes Montgomery solos as well as writing tunes.
  6. JCM 800's can be great if you get the right one. There's a lot of crappy ones out there. Mesa Mark III's are great amps too. As Phil said, they're not as straight forward in dialing up tones, but offer more flexibility than JCM 800's.
  7. I like pedals that sound good and don't break mid-gig.
  8. Low action sucks, in my opinion. Resistance is good. Plus it's gotta be high enough to play slide.
  9. It's pretty hard to beat those old super reverbs.
  10. Jasco

    2x12 cabs vs. 4x12

    Because two is different than four. Everything that's different will change the sound. Even the thickness of your pick.
  11. My three favorites are my 63', 90's Mary Kaye, and 2000's Jeff Beck custom shop.
  12. So, has there been any kind of unanimous decision about what key this song is in yet? Sorry I don't have time to read all 7 pages of debate. You know what, I just played a gig with Lynyrd Skynyrd's keyboard player on Saturday. I should have just asked him, LOL.
  13. I just bought an EV RE 20 with this problem from a guy for $100. It took me 3 minutes and a $3 foam mic windscreen to fix.
  14. It will work. The tone will probably suck, but it will work.
  15. If you block the trem you might as well get a telecaster. The trem is what makes the strat. You just have to approach tuning a bit different with a strat trem, but they're easy to keep in tune.
  16. Raise the action, bigger strings.
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