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OT: Just got back from Austin

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  • OT: Just got back from Austin

    Now there's a guitar town! Lots of hot players in bars that have no cover charge (and some generic cover bands). I really liked these guys (saw em at this same club):

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    I love it here. Great place to live .... Lots of good bands from old time to doom. Not just a bloooz town anymore. It's also nice that the bands support each other vs the competition thing that goes on in some cities.
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      Austin is an awesome city. Check out Jack-a-lopes if you can. Man, I could go for a Lonestar right about now.

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        Austin is the best. I miss it.


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          my laptop speakers are farting


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            Horrible audio quality.


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              circlejerk thread!!!!
              woot woot woot.
              everyone loves pubic hair.
              Near Grey