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  • Question for Tube Screamer Experts

    When I was in my early teens circa 1986, my much older cousin and I met a guy in a band who claimed to be related to the Allman Bros. His band was called ? Allman and the Tumbling Dice. He even had it tattooed on his arm Anyway, he claimed he needed money to get home and was selling some gear. Out of sympathy my cousin bought a TS-9 tubescreamer and a nice mic from him for cheap.

    A week ago we were cleaning out an attic and I found that old beat to crap tubescreamer. It says Allman's tumbling Dice on it engraved on the footswitch. Plugged it in and by god it still works. My question for someone is: are tubescreamers from the mid-80s different from new TS-9 tubescreamers? I have not been able to compare it to a new one. It sure sounds great. I did compare it to a friends Bad Monkey pedal and yeah it blows it away. The signal stays crisp with lots of definition and there is more of that tube-amp purr and no fizziness at all. This thing is so beat up and the knobs are soft and loose. I'm not sure I would trust this thing to live much longer. On the other hand if it lasted this long..... Maybe it would be worth having it recased by a boutique builder if the old pedals are better than new ones. Anyway, just wanted to see what people said about 80s-era screamers. Thanks.

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      Pedals (as well as any electronic device) can last a very long time, or die in a day.

      Loose knobs? Have you tried to see if the set screws for the knobs need tightening?
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          I'll try to get a pic when my sis comes tomorrow, my phone has no camera. But there is nothing intersting to see! Its just a beat-up thrashed TS-9 tubescreamer with Tumbling Dice sloppily engraved on the silver pedal. Nothing much to see. God knows who that guy who sold it was.


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            You'd be surprised how much money it could fetch.


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              Yeah, there's a sucker born every minute.

              But seriously, people will pay insane amounts of money for specific pedals.
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                The op-amps will be different, or re-issues of the same thing, which are not quite the same. Probably JRC4558D chip. Could also be the Texas Instruments one as well.

                Should sound pretty good...


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                  Years ago I swapped a DOD eq for a TS9. Sounded OK but wasnt metal enuff for me at the time so tossed it in a trunk. Dug it out a couple years ago and learned it was a 1983 issue with the JRC4558 chip. Ive been offered $200 for it but now Ive grown to appreciate it and its a keeper. I would guess the 1986 is the same thing. Try it with a Distortion or Fuzz in front!


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                    I like the sound of 80s TS9. They sound more compressed (in a good way) than the reissues. But some of the old TS9 have the JRC 2043DD chip, which does not sound as good as the 4558. The diodes are important, too. I like the blues striped the most. You should post a pic of the guts.
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                      there are a lot of people on ebay selling 80's ts-9 for around 200$

                      some of them get really bought, but the most of them are dead mint and not beat up ones

                      808 sell easier for quite the same amount