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Roland GR 20 guitar Synth help....


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  • Roland GR 20 guitar Synth help....

    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering why my GR-20 doesnt track that great. I put the pickup in the correct position and also i went to a music store and brought my GR 20 to try it with a guitar that has the pickup mounted in the guitar already but i still wasnt happy with the tracking. I saw other guitarists use it as well, and I dont hear anything wrong with their tracking. Im recording Piano and i just cant seem to hit the notes accurately. I played the notes as accurately as it can possibly be played, but I still hear flubs and little mistakes still.

    please listen to my original song, that way you can hear the mistakes in the piano and be able to tell me whats wrong. thanks so much!!!

    please listen to 3rd from the top: New song Farewell Tears Sept 6


    if that doesnt work try this link, im not sure if this works either


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    That's just technique. I use a GR33 with an xtSA and the piano patches tend to bring out any imperfections in technique more than most others - they just need absolutely clean playing. Personally I find the piano sound to be about the hardest to make sound good and believable, and it's really difficut to avoid glitches like that.
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      I see your point Ancient, but i think its more beyond technique, I played indeed, clean. I can play picked chords without the GR 20 and sounds perfect. But when i go on other patches like the violin orchestras, theres no problem.


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        i dont know though if its really hard to avoid glitches, i might be giving up on this GR 20 hehe. it really sucks to say it and might have to see it go soon, i dont know because the other patches might sound ok. Its just me thats kind of picky and want things perfect though.


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          I find when it comes to guitar synths, they just aren't really all the way there yet. The tracking will always be off somewhat, no matter how well your technique is. If you want reliable synth sounds, with no glitch, imo you've got to use a keyboard based synth or keyboard midi controller. I've found that most guitar synths are only good for things that don't require exact timing or flawless tracking.


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            GR20 is old technology too. The tracking on the newer units is much better.

            But your playing is key. You have to play so clean and have you play notes like the instrument you're mimicking can produce (like, no bends on piano patches)
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              ^ this.

              I had a GR-20 (and a GR-33 before it), some settings tracked better than others.I've had the GR-55 for over a year, and can say that the track is noticeably improved overall.
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                GR55 has very good setup program.


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                  One thing is the Roland Synths are supposed to track better than using MIDI and a seperate synth, perhaps they can "update" the tracking during notes, but that wouldn't be usable on a piano sound, so that's the same as MIDI.