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  1. I've had 2 Dunlop dvp volume pedals and they were very nice for swells with no tone suck, but the steel band drives on both of them have broken. The dvp1 lasted over a year and the dvp3 (volume x) lasted about 8 months. They are nice volume pedals and the steel band drive looks much easier to replace then the string on a EB vol pedal. Good luck if you ever have to replace a string on the EB, what a PITA that is lol. I'm not really sure how durable the steel band drive on the dvp pedals really is, but I was hoping to get at least a couple years out of them. The dvp3 is very close to the size of a standard crybaby wah pedal. I've read that if you place a buffered pedal right before the EB the tone suck will be diminished to a non factor.
  2. What about the Guitar Cookbook? Good? Or just mediocre?
  3. Thanks for the replies. @ The Burninator I want to get faster, but am not interested in learning to shred with arpeggios.
  4. Looking for some good tips on how you improved your speed on the fretboard when doing runs and solos with scales/modes/pentatonics. But not interested in info on fretboard spanning arpeggios that can be played in 0000000000000000.2 seconds or other shredhead stuff. I'm only looking to improve my speed on the fretboard a little not looking to break the sound barrier and/or tear open a hole in the fabric of spacetime. Thanks for any good info.
  5. How long did you own your Ernie Ball volume pedal till the string broke (if ever)? And did you use it a lot (daily/weekly/monthly?) ?
  6. Hurray, now I can make sounds like my old 1980s Atari 2600 game system for only $400.
  7. The Dunlop Dvp3 volume-x is available at Guitar Center stores now. I bought one about a week ago. Nice volume pedal. Just about the same size as a Crybaby wah pedal. Much smaller than the older Dunlop Dvp1.
  8. Funny how just about everyone who hung out here hated TGP, but where did they all run to when the cruise ship ride came to an end? Lol.
  9. Imho what it's missing is other musicians. Good basic song, but imo you need some other stuff on there (e.g. drums, keys, etc..). Not sure what your trying to do with the song though, maybe you want it open, spacious, and simple like that? I've got some ideas already on what I would add to it, and still keep it pretty simple. But then, it's your song not mine.
  10. I find when it comes to guitar synths, they just aren't really all the way there yet. The tracking will always be off somewhat, no matter how well your technique is. If you want reliable synth sounds, with no glitch, imo you've got to use a keyboard based synth or keyboard midi controller. I've found that most guitar synths are only good for things that don't require exact timing or flawless tracking.
  11. Originally Posted by loosegroove Gotta love the demo...classic guitar face. It's Wayne Campbell. Party time, excellent!
  12. Why not jsut email them and ask? It may vary depending on what they need to fix. Last time I contacted them for a fix it was $25.
  13. Originally Posted by Prehistoricpain I was watching this demo today and realized how awesome thing thing seemed when it was released. Is there some huge flaw I haven't heard about? I gots one and yeah it's very cool. The only problem I've heard about is this http://www.ehx.com/forums/viewthread/5012/P0/ But I'm pretty sure the problem was fixed with newer releases of the pedal and if you've got an older RT send it in to Ehx and get the software updated.
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