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ZVEX Double Rock

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  • ZVEX Double Rock

    Anyone try this pedal?  Looks like 2 Distortrons in one box, and you can also switch it to a 2 in 1 or any combination (Distortron into SHO, SHO into Distortron, Distortron into Distortron).  Seems cool, but hella expensive ($370.00 US).

    Thoughts?  Anyone?

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    Forget the Double Rock. For that money you could pay two women to play with a double c**k, and still have change to buy all the boosts and dirts you want.

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    Dual momentary footswitch £20 posted.<br />
    Telecaster 3 way switch and vintage jack socket. £5 posted<br />
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      Test Tech Wattson Classic Electronics<br><br>EL KABONG wrote: I turned down $25 grand cash for gay sex.


      • fusionid
        fusionid commented
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        I love the BOR but that's non sense too much cash.


        Just get a Bogner blue

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      Yea, its a cool pedal, but not needed... How many times are you running two of the same pedal at the same time?

      I found the SHO boost on the BOR to be OK, but not as good as the SHO.

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