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Well... Just got suspended on TGP for calling out Abandoned...

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  • Well... Just got suspended on TGP for calling out Abandoned...

    ...and this forum is still very difficult to navigate...

    Guitars. Pedals. Amps.
    deals: bradino, neatobassman, Used666, juri, echodeluxe, aporcelainsky, Crxsh, -Andrew-, notjonahbutnoah... and lotz moar

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    I don't see how it's more difficult than before, really. Only thing that is particularly different is PMs


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      What did you name your elephant, V? 

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      that's slanderous to compare them, lou

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    They run a pretty tight ship over there at TGP

    PA Unity15's over LS800p's. YX15's, YX12's IPR power, RM32AI

    LightsMartin Minimac Profiles, Chauvet Intimidator Spot Duos, Blizzard 3NX, Fab5, Hotbox


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      I was pretty giddy the first time I tried clear coke many years in the past. Despite being assured by the advertising that it still tasted like coca cola, it still managed to surprise me when it did, as was predicted, actually taste like coca cola. "Wow, it really does taste like coke" I exclaimed to anyone that would listen after my first swill. 

      I learned an important lesson that day.You see, I was tasting with my eyes beforehand, not my tongue.

      TGP would do well to read this parable of misapplied sensory application. The tonequesters will never realise their expectations if they keep listening with their eyes to picyures of shiney boxes. The enlightened one, knows true vintage grailtone is found through the nose when you purchase.