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  • Small Low Volume Practice/Recording amp

    I have a fender Champ 600 that has great cleans but not so much high gain.  I am looking for a small amp that will take pedals well and can do high gain (with fuzz and a triple wreck for help).  I play a little bit of everything really.  As far a distorted and fuzz tones i am looking for is Smashing Pumpkins and that style.  I know these tones are generated from huge amps but is there way to generate these tones at low volumes with small amps?

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    • Phil O'Keefe
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      Sorry to be a smart-alec, but I couldn't resist - and it's actually appropriate. You'll never get the Pumpkins fuzz sound from any amp - not without the appropriate fuzz pedal involved.

      The Champ 600's speaker is pretty small, and will often fart-out (technical term ) if you hit it with a lot of fuzz - especially if that fuzz adds a lot in the low frequency range. Personally, I think a Princeton RI would be a good choice for you. They have a larger 10" speaker and can take the lows better than a Champ 600 can, and while they're more powerful (12-15W vs 5W), they still sound good, even at lower volume levels. Certainly much lower than your Triple Rectifier.

      As far as the size of the amps, don't be fooled into thinking that "small amp = small sound when recorded." In fact, some of the most well loved classic rawk tones were tracked with smaller amps that were pushed hard.


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    Thank you for the help. I am not focusing on nailing the Pumpkins sound exactly I am just using that as example of the gain levels I would like to achieve. I just want to find an affordable amp that sounds great and will have perfect cleans yet can still do metal if I need it to. You know the perfect amp for every situation and can do any volume level perfectly. I am looking into the made by Mike IC Muff plus Distortion II he makes it is little pricey. I have a couple of other muff types already thought.
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      Vht special 6 ultra. 6 watt 'champ', 12"inch speaker, 'Watts' control so you can get the breakup you want at the volume you want. Does both clean an dirty stuff well.


      • t-rey
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        Ampeg GVT15 - sounds great quiet or loud and loves pedals.

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      Try a ROland Cube before you waste your money- they're immense value and the clean channel is amazing. If not, try find an original tweed Fender Pro Junior (not the Junior with reverb on- they suck in comparison the the Pro.)


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        I snagged a univox U45B years ago off craigslist. They use e few weird tubes but man it sounds so damn good cranked. A unique tone as well, def got its own thing goin on. It has a 12" alnico speaker which only adds to the fatness. Highly recommended. As in honey oil high.


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