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Advanced cable wiring question!!

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  • Advanced cable wiring question!!

    ok folks here where I'm at


    I've a planet waves cable that's far too long (20fter) so I just chopped it in half

    it's a braided shield (ground) dual core guitar cable. so I have braid/foil/red cable /white cable

    now as it happens the only spare jacks I have are a pair of neutrik STEREO jacks (TRS)

    what I can't figure out is how to wire them!


    I'm guessing wire the braid to the sleeve, and then use a small wire to bridge the sleeve (ground) to the ring

    my problem is

    A: I don't know which terminal is the ring 

    B: I don't know what to do with the two cores (red/white)

    can anyone help?? 


    I've tried to guess how it works but I'm having a brain fart here today and only getting amp hum!!



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    Wait are you trying to turn it into two separate cables? Otherwise just use both of the original jacks and see how they're connected to the cable?
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      Yeah I'm trying to make two 10ft cables

      Unfortunatley the planet waves are molded jacks so I can't see how they are wired up!


      • Phil O'Keefe
        Phil O'Keefe commented
        Editing a comment

        I'm going to assume you mean 1/4" TS "guitar" cables - is that what you want?

        Doing that with TRS ("stereo") plugs is going to be a waste of an expensive TRS plug, but you can probably make it work just fine.

        If you want TRS "stereo" cables, solder the braid to the sleve connection on the plug, the red wire to the tip, and the white one to the ring. You can connect the white to the tip and the red to the ring if you prefer - just pick one or the other and stick to it for both ends of the cable, or you'll have issues.

        To wire it up as a "mono" cable, you can connect the braided shield to both the sleve and the ring, while connecting both the red and white wires to the tip.