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OT:Anyone actually believe vaccines cause autism?

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  • OT:Anyone actually believe vaccines cause autism?

    Saw this on my facebook feed:




    Along with the comment "I'm sure the argument would be that the rate is higher because of better detection and diagnosing, but still, it's food for thought..."


    That kind of misinformation is downright dangerous. If you choose to not feed your kid any fruit of veges, that's ****************ty but only affects your  kid.

    If you choose to not get them vaccinated, it affects everyone. It becomes an issue of public health.



    Educate yourself here, here and here if you're not sure.

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    The increase in autism has more to do with semantics than vaccines
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    • lefort_1
      lefort_1 commented
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      Thank you Ambient.

      Those who keep the autism myths in circulation should be publicly mocked. Where's a good old fashioned pillory when you really need it?



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    I think autism spectrum disorders are just better diagnosed now. Or we accept a narrower range of behaviors as normal. Watch some old tv shows and movies and you'll see tons of people who we'd identify as such simply be considered nerdy or normal
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      Most all of this comes from a study done long ago linking a preservative named Thimerosal to autism. It is used in the development of some vaccines in the early stages. However, the study, I believe, has since been discredited. The canadians and other countries (including the U.S.) removed or reduced Timerosal only to see autism continue to rise.

      The most recent and credible cause I have seen is that of a hyper connectivity between brain regions at the lack of long term connections. What causing that is however a mystery. 

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      • macadood
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        no. but that girl who can only walk backwards was funny and scammy

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      As the father of an 11 year old autistic boy I can say that chart is a half truth. My son changed after a series of vaccines at age two. I believe part was a genetic disposition that reacted to whatever was in the shots. My wifes brother, who is an army vet and a designer for their vehicles, was diagnosed with Asbergers not more than 4 years ago. So I do not blame the vaccine per se. It's like being a person who gets a flu shot then gets the flu two days later. Or being one of those who gets all the bad symptoms from a drug like Ambien.

      We have a daughter that is 22 months old. We have elected to get only certain vaccines and the ones she has received do not contain certain chemicals to prolong their shelf life. She has know. Her ABCs since 14 months, has memorized twelve songs that she sings every night. And she carries in intelligent conversations about topics of her interest.

      There is so much gray area when it comes to the myths on both sides of the fence that it feels
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      • goodhonk
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        vaccines aren't as safe as "they'd" like you to believe, ask anyone in the military.  


        i find it odd that people are skeptical of everything the government does unless it's injecting your children with serum.  and those that question it are labeled the weird ones.


        personally i don't believe vaccines and autism are connected.  more like bad diet and semantics for the alarmingly high rate.  severe cases of autism are another matter all together.