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listen to this amazing delay from a kit

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  • listen to this amazing delay from a kit

    i ran across this on ILF and thought i'd share with y'all, since i don't post over here much anymore. this is a kit from 1776 for avintage delay emulator. has modes for echoplex, binson, and re201. it sounds awesome. this demo is pretty cool. there's some other good ones too. has anyone built or tried one of these in person? it's probably out of my league for building but ****************, it sounds rad.

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    yeah a lot of people have been building these. I'm tempted.



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        HAHAHA I know you're spam but holy ****************. I want to feel guitar-induced thunder as well.
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          I left the amusing comment when I banned him and deleted all his other posts, but I deleted the spam link in the message for your safety and protection.


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        Back on topic... how much are the delay kits, are where can you get them?


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          Phil O'Keefe wrote:

          Back on topic... how much are the delay kits, are where can you get them?

          There is no kit, there is just a PCB. 1776 effects makes them and the boards are top notch. 

          There are some great mods available for this such as adding modulation for each tape head, and modifying the warble range. You can also tweak the overall clarity of the effect at the cost of it sounding less like the effects its emulating and more digital clean. 

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        so how do i make it? :catsurprised:

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          y'all aint seen nothing yet. here is a multiplex with a rub-a-dub reverb from 1776 too built into one pretty enclosure.


          the pcb itself is pretty cheap, and i was surprised by how 'simple' the circuit is for a delay pedal it seems not bad at all





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        Good lord, digital delays are easier to build than analog. I had an extra Pt2399 laying around anyway. Might need to buy a few parts, and build up one of these guys. That circuit looks awesome.


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          Link for the curious - boards are really affordable for these projects.  They have a BeeBaa board for like $8.

          Sigh. . . I'm supposed to be saving money right now.

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            yeah, i was wrong when i said kit. when i looked into it, it's just a pcb. it's only like $14 or something. i've built a few simple things, but i think i need to do some more before taking it on. looks simple for a delay, but still probably out of my league. it's a super cool delay though. 


            also, phil, i've lost access to my old account. i sent an email into the void from some link in the feedback thread or something, but got no response. i would be interested in getting that account back.