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  • Pedal board/other gear tracker?

    has anyone considered lojacking their gear? I've thought about it in the past considering the general cost for a tracking unit + monthly fees against the amount I actually take my gear out currently made it an immediate no-go.


    was looking around kickstarter (I know, boo kickstarter) and found a little GPS unit intended to track kids and pets, $150, service for two years included, and then $5 a month after that, and suddenly it didn't seem so ridiculous. Still don't think I really have a use for it with my gear (though throwing it in my laptop bag doesn't seem like a terrible idea), but for those that play out regularly/tour, would it be something you would consider? 

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      nomenclature wrote:

      has anyone considered lojacking their gear?



      In studios, there are other fun things you can do. I'm not going to give away all my security methods, but here's one idea. You have a sea of wires for all the gear, and the thieves either have to unplug it or cut it to get everything out... with a couple of extra wires from strategic pieces of gear hooked up to your alarm system and set to trigger on an "open" / ungrounded state, if someone pulls out the wrong plug or cuts the wrong wire, it sets off the security system. I programmed mine for silent / panic alarm so it would automatically notify the monitoring company.

      Of course, you have to always remember to disable that alarm zone if you should happen to need to pull that piece of gear out of the rack for maintenance or service, because if you forget, your local police will be paying you a visit. Yes, I speak from experience.



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