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Starting a Jazzmaster project. Pick me a pickguard!


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  • Starting a Jazzmaster project. Pick me a pickguard!

    Got a sweet deal on a Jazzmaster style body and decided it was time to do a project.


    jm body

    Not sure what pickguard to go with though... I also don't know how to create a poll on new Harmony Central.

     Black - blk

    White - wht

    red tort - rdtrt

    tort - trt


    What say you - ever dwindling masses of HCFX?

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    def brown tort


    • Phil O'Keefe
      Phil O'Keefe commented
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      Urinate Forever wrote:
      def brown tort


      Yeah, that's what I'm thinking too - kind of Costello-esque.


      BTW, that's a sweet looking body! What are you going to go with for the neck?


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    If you go brown tort, I have a US 62 RI you can get for cheaps..

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      WAWBanks wrote:

      jm body


      Cool body! Is it just me or does the figuring of the grain on the left side of the body look an awful lot like the grain of the floor just to the left of it? Weird...

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      • ChuckNorris1982
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        I'd go with black on that body.  One of the torts would look nice too though.