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    since the switch I havent bought a single ****************ing thing.  anybody else?

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    Me either although the musikmesse thread has me jonesing for one of those new Korg analog synths. My pedal lust is completely dormant right now though.

    Cause sometimes the rhetoric don't go with the contents


    • A.P. Ryder
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      Speak for yourself.

      I'm so bloated with pedal gas I can hardly stand up.

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    • melx
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      nope nothing .... I even started playing acoustic.

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    No pedals, but other things.

    Maybe some pedals once more NAMM stuff comes around.
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      jw10 wrote:

      since the switch I havent bought a single ****************ing thing.  anybody else?

      I also don't know what's new anymore... Just saw some new EHX effects (Next Step, those strange expression pedals) on the EHX facebook page. In the past, this kind of stuff would have been all over the place at HCFX.


      This forum is dead, but it doesn't know it yet.


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      Originally Posted by Reaganomics!

      You're on the internet dude. don't try to think rationally about why you don't like something. Just talk condescending to everybody about it, and later that night stroke your dick while wimpering "meh, meh, meh, meh, I don't get it, meh meh meh, this similar but less popular artist is better, meh meh meh"


      • christianatl
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        I have Sprinter gas, but that's about it.


        At this point I have multiple versions of pretty much everything I'm into, which is weird.