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New Old Creaky Multi Effects Day - I got me a GT-5!


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  • New Old Creaky Multi Effects Day - I got me a GT-5!



    I really like the dirt on it. It sounds really great. Got it used from a Craigslist like site over here, except you have to exchange numbers on the site (kind of a safeguard). So far, I woke up super early and ended up playing it for 2 hours last night and 3 this morning. I like the delays and how they sit in the mix. The vibrato is rather decent. The pitch is kinda cool. The dirt is analog by the way, and I have a feeling the compressor may be analog as well.

    There is a tick in the reverse delay most of the time (anyone? is it a chip problem?) and the trem button is a bit recessed but it works fine., but it was $150 (usually 220-250 here) and I like it so much, Im going to keep it. I may even pickup a gt3. Any gear that makes me play it for so long is a winner.

    I want to get that reverse delay up to par...



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    is that the one with the original Slicer effect? If so, my friend has one that he likes a lot.



    • seifukusha
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      thats the 3, this is the 5, it came first.

      The GT3 has the Slicer effect, Auto Riff, Pickup Simulators, Feedback Eliminator, Acoustic Guitar, Bi-Chorus, and the trem is based on a Lfo and not the pn2.

       The GT5 has Looping (but only 1800 ms) and Mic Modeling, programmable effects loop (very cool, you can switch all of the effects around)

      thats the diff, plus number of patches and maybe one more amp model, but it dont use amp modelling and cabs and all of that, never dug that kind of thing.


      dirt is analog and lovely. I had to try it. I may be tired of it next week, but it sounds really great, the last multi, the zoom g3, was really cool, but i played it for about 3 hours in total before i sold it. lol. im so used to pedals

      I just wish I could fix that reverse delay. Its not on the other delays, which are lovely....



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    my Firebird fell one foot.... just one foot and broke one of the tuners ..one freaking foot

    I had to order a brand new replacement the tune from behind like banjo tuners
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    • ChrisFFTA
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      Johnny Marr was using one of these until a few years ago. Nice sounds

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    That's why I bought it. I've already turned it into a giant drone machine lol
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    • ChuckNorris1982
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      I've had the Boss GX-700 rack, which is very closely related.  A lot of the same effects, programmable effects loop, analogue dirt etc.


      Some very cool sounds in these boxes for sure.

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    Thanks for that Dawn.....I'm indeed going home now and I'm excited to play my 5
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    • HeartfeltDawn
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      Just plugged in to check a couple of things.

      You can change the order of the effects internally but not physically if that makes sense. What you can't do as far as I know is change which effects are assigned to each numbered pedal. For example, if you go to bank 1, preset 1, and set a vibrato to be operated by pedal 1, you can't then go to bank 2 and have a delay to be operated by pedal 1. I'll check the manual later, see if I can find some more details.

      This is one reason why I stay in manual mode as the display tells me what is assigned where and it's up to me to remember how I've organised the effects chain internally for that particular preset.

      The trem options